Music is dead. Long live Music.


Honestly, I am a fan of the end of year lists from music sites. Reviews definitely should always be taken with a pinch of salt, I think a lot of reviews people are hoping to get some sort of validation for something they already think, rather than actually being influenced from the review themselves, but thats fine too. But I’ve definitely found that some lists upon reflection have actually contained a lot more music that I have grown to love over the subsequent years, which made me want to give them an unbiased focus each year. I am also a sucker for the arbitrary pivotal point of a new year, so I like bookending the year with music also. It started with Pitchfork and I like that other sites have jumped in on it, they each have their own agendas (I always felt like Pitchfork’s #2 was really their #1 but their #1 was whoever they wanted to have their image associated to) and their own genres so its all a little different, like an interestingly curated radio show.

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